Artist Profile:

Alexander Bandela

Alexander Bandela

Nationality: Zambian

Alexander Tendai Bandela, is a visual artist currently working with oils on canvas. His works are mainly inspired by light and dark shades within the subject. He personally captures all his subject references be it human figures displaying an activity or landscape; he does so because he believes this helps him identify subjects of artistic interest and helps him grow an eye for detail. His main interest has been to create works that not only capture the eye at first glance but also create a feeling for the viewer by using subject references that are common. He believes an art piece should always capture two elements of the viewer, the visual part and also the emotional part hence his use of color pallets that create a certain emotion through a matching effect of colour. Dark and light shades are his main interests hence most of his works have those elements. He tries to illustrate the relationship between light lights and dark darks as much as possible in all his works hence some of the works are not carrying a specific subject matter but creates just to illustrate the light effects in certain scenarios and subjects.


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