Artist Profile:

Caleb Chisha

Caleb Chisha

Nationality: Zambian

Caleb Chisha was born in 1986 in Ndola, Zambia. He has always had a strong interest in art. As a child he used to draw and make things out of wire and clay. He took art classes at Kansenshi High School in Ndola. He moved to Lusaka in 2006 and a year later became a member of the Visual Arts Council, with the influence of Nsofwa Bowa, another Zambian artist. There he heard about the Art Academy Without Walls at the Lusaka Showgrounds, and has been doing his art there ever since. “Art transports me into a world where I am able to do and be whatever I want to be”, he says. “It provides a platform for me to adequately express myself. My artworks give people an idea of who I am and reflect the way I view both society and humanity as a whole. Art to me is not just a hobby but more of a profession and a technique that I wish to perfect. My journey with art has been a long and lucrative one and my art seeks to speak out to different people regardless of their background and position in life. I use my art as an opportunity to show and display certain weaknesses and social inequalities. I consider my art a gift and I choose not to use it selfishly but share it with everyone around me.” Caleb has exhibited in various cities in Zambia as well as in a few other countries.


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