Artist Profile:

David K Chibwe

David K Chibwe

Nationality: Zambian

David Chibwe developed his Linocuts and silk green screen printing at the Art Centre Foundation workshop in 1975 at Evelyn Hone College. The young artist used these communal facilities and took advantages of the more experienced artist for guidance. He now is one of Zambia’s senior artists. He is one of the first members of the Lusaka Artists Group and started printmaking in 1976 at the Evelyn Hone College Workshop facilitated by the Art Centre Foundation. He is a versatile man; doing painting from small to large, making prints working in lino, and, when need be, does sign writing to have some money in the pocket. His prints are inspired by daily life in compounds as he knows it well, resulting in naturalistic imagery of Zambian urban and rural folk life. 


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