Artist Profile:

Emmanuel Chibaye

Emmanuel Chibaye

Nationality: Zambian

Emmauel chibaye is an Artist born on 17th October,1989.According to me, Art is all about self expression, eternalbeauty, that envokes or rather calls upon happiness.The Art that I practice, is a combination of inborn passionand experience I have developed over the years since myChildhood. I acquired a Diploma in Fine Arts from EvelynHone College of applied Arts and commerce. Primarily, the most recurring elements in my workis Shapes, Letters, and Numbers that I systematicallyarrange with the view to form Life like figures whichexpress a particular subject matter. I strongly believethat, there can be no meaningful creation minusnumbers, shapes and language. | usually work with inkon Paper or Oil on Canvas despite being a versatileArtist. In as far as Painting is concerned, I embrace all the colours but, my Work mainly express warmand Neutral colours because I feel closer to the Earth. To some degree, my work ischaracterised by the use of Cubism,Sur-realism and a bit of Futurism movements.1 always pourout my Soul into my work to ensure the work tells a story on its own, even in absentia. In addition, my work is a mixture of beliefs, poetry,and mystism that simplyuplifts,evokes,and provokes people's psyche. Regarding my own thinking, I use Art to entertainand provide an Intellectual communication, that creats a platform to solve various mattersaffecting the Society negatively.These issues may include social, cultural, Racial,Nature.Technology, Momentum, among others. In this way, Art will endevour to shade morelighty on matters concerning the formation of Ideologies, Morals, Philosophy,Politics, as wellasdecorative and functional purposes. Eventually, I conclude to say that, humanity has made many Marks and images overMillenia since dawn of time, and will continue to do so. Therefore, Art will endure to addresscurrent Notions, recording History, as well as predicting the Future.


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