Artist Profile:

Henry Nkole Tayali

Henry Nkole Tayali

Nationality: Zambian

Born in 1943, Serenje Northern province of Zambia. His family went to live in Zimbabwe at the age of 12. He frequently visited an Art center, Bulawayo city council where Alex Lambeth noticed his art talent. A few years later, Lambeth organised Tayali’s first Art exhibition in 1958 under the sponsorship of the Bulawayo City Council. The show was the first by African Artist. Themes that Tayali worked with: Political, African Liberation and the welfare of the common man, racial prejudice, injustice, and poverty. In his firorganizedst show, he painted markets, bus stops, beer Hall, political rallies etc. A second exhibition held at Bulawayo Art World and was headlined ‘’Young Artist becomes master at 17’’. Tayali won many art prizes/awards when he was still at school. In 1964 Mr. Frank McEven, a supporter of the African Art and director of the Rhodesia National Art Gallery held to show Tayali’s work in Salisbury. In 1976 he was appointed University Artist, UNZA. Died in 1987 while on a visit to German.


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