Artist Profile:

Mwamba Mulangala

Mwamba Mulangala

Nationality: Zambian

Mwamba Mulangala was born in 1976 in Mbalam Northern Province of Zambia. He studied art at the Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Commerce. He works in a variety of forms including assemblage, painting and installation but the artist is also known to create video works in which he deals with the relationship of society and political elite. Mwamba Mulangala’s unique painting technique allows him to work simultaneously on two pieces. While paining one artwork he uses another canvas to mix his paint. This canvas will later be recycled and reused as the base for a completely new painting. This propensity to reuse material extends to his assemblages and unique mixture of painting an installations created from found waste materials. Though he uses a variety of materials to create his pieces acrylics paint is constantly present in his work as the artist values its ability to dry quickly which lets him add a touch of spontaneity into his pieces.


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