Artist Profile:

Patrick Mweemba

Patrick Mweemba

Nationality: Zambian

Born in Monze in 1946, Patrick Mweemba is a print maker, sculptor and painter. He was educated in Lusaka and Kitwe. In 1999 he received a diploma in Master Art from ICS, USA. Patrick worked for the Ministry of Labour and Community Services, Kitwe from 1966-1968. He then joined the Commercial Bank of Zambia as a clerk until 1973. He began painting in 1969 after attending a six-month course in drawing and painting at a private school on part-time basis. He began printmaking in 1975 in Lusaka and served on various art committees, namely Art Centre Foundation, Zambia Art Centre, and recently Visual Arts Council for 2 terms. He worked for Mpapa Gallery from 1984-1992. He has attended many regional, international and local art workshops and participated in many regional, international and local group shows, in addition to his many one-man shows. Finally, he worked for Choma Museum and Crafts Centre (CMCC) from 1996 to 2007. He is now a farmer and artist in Choma. He currently works one day a week with CMCC as Assistant Co-ordinator for the Schools Art Competition, which runs from September to November each year.


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