Artist Profile:

Lutanda Mwamba

Lutanda Mwamba

Nationality: Zambian

Art Education: In 1986, he obtained a Diploma in Graphic Design from Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Commerce. 1990, studied art at Reading University, UK through Commonwealth Foundation Fellowship and Lechwe Trust sponsorship.

Lutanda Mwamba was an established Zambian artist who has been exhibiting his prints since 1986. Focusing on the everyday realities of the average Zambian, as well as on traditionally Zambian themes, Lutanda’s prints gained him international recognition and have earned him many awards in Zambia: namely the Ngoma Award in 2009 for best 2-D artist, the Aquila Simpasa Award in 1997, and the Best Two-Dimensional Artist Award in 1996. He exhibited internationally, in both solo and group shows. Lutanda is an asset to the artistic community in Zambia due to his high degree of professionalism, his artistic experience and immense skill as a printmaker, as well as his ability to develop artistic skills in younger, emerging artists. Unfortunately Lutanda passed away earlier in 2014.


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