Name of Artwork: Makishi 4

The works of the so-called Buli Master who crafted this stool are characterised by an idiosyncratic approach to face and body suggesting the wisdom of age rather than the youthfulness depicted in most Luba objects.
Width : 45.00 cm
Height : 70.00 cm
YEAR: 2021
ROOM: Unknown
FORM: Acrylic On Canvas
Artist Profile:

Nondo Chansa

Nondo Chansa

Nationality: Zambian

Art Education: Nondo is studying Digital Media at Open Window University; he is also pursuing Contemporary Art at the Livingstone Office for Contemporary Art (LoCA). I worked at Mwimbi Fine Art as an assistant to the curator, and his work experience there has helped him acquire more knowledge about contemporary art. In his journey of art, he has met a good number of Zambian visual artists like David Makala, Mulenga Chafilwa, Nukwase Tembo, Anawana Haloba, Ng’andwe Mwaba to mention but a few.

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